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Shanghai ICVIC forms strategic partnership with LiangDao in car-road coordination
Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center (Shanghai Innovation Center)signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing LiangDao Intelligent Automotive Technology Co, Ltd(LiangDao )at the Automotive Testing Expo held in Shanghai on Sep 24th, 2019.
According to the agreement, the parties will be the first to apply road LIDARs featuring new perception and fusion solutions to the test roads for intelligent connected vehicles in Shanghai. They will work together to improve the safety of intelligent connected vehice tests and enrich the test environments for V2X(vehicle-to-everything car-road coordination technologies. Additionally, the parties will collaborate to improve the roadside intelligent technologies for autonomous driving and develop car-road data fusion technologies.
The Shanghai Innovation Center has formed a complete road test network for intelligent connected vehicles and a closed-area test system based on scenario libraries.
LiangDao is a provider of new-type testing and evaluation services in the autonomous driving field. It focuses on promoting the production of advanced autonomous driving products(ranging from L3 to L5)through the applicationsof such technologies as LIDARs and multi-sensor integration.
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