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No More New Stories of City Driverless Shuttle Bus? This Might Be the One that Has the Most Ideas about Urban Mobility
● First show-up of LiangDao Intelligence at ITS world congress to support the debut of HFM driverless shuttle bus and to introduce its solutions into China next year.
● The driverless shuttle (at autonomous driving L4 in limited areas) utilized advanced technologies that are an important step via mass production. These technologies would accelerate the realization of sharing mobility of autonomous driving services.
● Ibeo and Paravan are the suppliers of autonomous driving core technologies as well as partners of LiangDao Intelligence. Together we will bring in mass produced products that pass vehicle standards and fit safety requirements.
At the demonstration area an autonomous shuttle travels through the wild, encountering tigers, elephants and gorillas. No worry, the shuttle bus can handle such sudden transportation conditions and leave no mess in the jungle world. The driverless shuttle bus was co-created by LiangDao Intelligence, Ibeo Automotive System (Ibeo), PARAVAN, and Hanseatische Fahrzeug Manufaktutr (HFM). This future transportation tool made its first presence at the biggest and most influential ITS World Congress in Copenhagen. In 2019, LiangDao Intelligence and HFM plan to introduce the autonomous shuttle solutions into China.
“Urban Jungle” is the innovative experience center especially set up for the ITS World Congress 2018. Robo-animals haunt the jungle ecosystem frequently to simulate current urban transportation scenarios. Different participants strive for driving priority, each with different behavior modes and unpredictable motion tracks. The autonomous shuttle bus is the exact right tool to improve urban transportation efficiency and to provide safer commuting experiences, responding appropriately to the theme of “ITS- Quality of Life”.
Driverless Shuttle Co-created by LiangDao Intelligence and Partners
News on set: The shuttle targets to achieve L4 (SAE J3016 Level) autonomous driving function along the fixed routein limited urban areas, and passengers can make real-time reservations through a cellphone app to book a personal ride service. This application was developed by Bestmile.
Dr. Xueming Ju (LiangDao Intelligence) with Partners in front of the Co-created Driverless Shuttle
The autonomous bus is an integration of multiple state-of-the-art technologies. Renowned European LiDAR supplier Ibeo provides LiDAR hardware and decision making and planning algorithms as the vehicle’s eyes to observe the external transportation environment and the head to analyze and think. Paravan delivers the core chassis drive-by-wire sector, providing flexible legs and feet for the vehicle. Vehicle manufacturer company HFM designed, integrated and produced the shuttle. All of three partners are able to apply their experience and ability to future mass production projects. About LiangDao Intelligence:
Beijing LiangDao Intelligent Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. (LiangDao Intelligence) focuses on LiDAR based environment perception function development, multi-sensors fusion technology, testing and validation for autonomous driving.
“The LiangDao Intelligence headquarters are in Beijing, with R&D centers in Berlin and Munich, and a business center in Shanghai. We revieved investment from NavInfo Co.,Ltd. in 2018. Over 80% of the R&D members obtained Ph.D or master’s degrees from either elite German universities (TUM, KIT, RWTH, TU Berlin, etc.) or top universities in China.
LiangDao Intelligence has built up in-depth cooperation relations with German companies possessing core autonomous driving technologies such as Ibeo, Paravan and Objective.
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